David Au

5 Questions (more fun than reading boring bios, no?)

1.  Who would you love to work with – alive or dead?

  • I would have loved to work with Krzysztof Kieslowski. “Three Colors: Blue” is definitely by far one of my favorite films of all time. The amount of subtle details he uses without much dialogues is just brilliant.  Something about his vision really makes the world a little bit more inspiring to live in.  And definitely Maggie Cheung. I grew up watching her movies in Hong Kong, and even to this day, it never gets old to watch her every move.

2.  What recent film did you last enjoy?

  • I most recently saw a documentary called “Last Train Home” by Lixin Fan, and I thought it was incredibly touching and sad at the same time. It’s about a family’s journey, being part of the 200 million migrant workers phenomenon in China, and how this family is greatly affected by their own strive for happiness.

3.  What recent film did you not enjoy?

  • Another documentary I saw recently is called “The Human Experience,” and I feel bad to admit that I really didn’t enjoy the way I wanted to. I watched the trailer a while back and was really moved by this little experiment that these two brothers are participating to enhance our human experience. But the film itself feels very forced, and at times, pretentious. I cheered for their effort to bring the world a little closer, but I think the execution lacks a deeper meaning to what the world really means to them. At the end, I felt like watching an hour of Extreme Home Makeover on TV.

4.  What’s the best advice you’ve gotten?

  • My drama teacher in college once told me, as a director, she doesn’t want the audience to watch her work and go “Oh, that’s HER piece, I can totally see HER in it.” She wants her work to be told by the story and the characters, and NOT her, as a director. I thought that’s brilliant.

5.  If you could make any film, what would it be?

  • I love ensemble pieces that are about real people with flaws, and how people intertwine with each other in the strangest places. I saw this French film recently called “PARIS” and it really resonates with me in terms of how I see myself as a filmmaker.



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