Music Composer

  Kenny Wood

5 Questions (more fun than reading boring bios, no?)

1.    Who would you love to work with -alive or dead?

  • Two names come to mind. The first is Alfred Hitchcock and I would have loved to have been involved in any way with his filmmaking. He innovated film in so many ways and was never just doing what everyone else did. The second filmmaker would be Steven Spielberg because he values all the things that go into a film, and music is no exception. Each element of the production becomes so integral and identifiable in his films. Furthermore, it would be a blast to compose a score for him because his films always seem to possess a natural, intuitive space for implementing music.

2.    What recent film did you last enjoy?

  • The Adventures of Tin Tin, for all those reasons described above.

3.    What recent film did you not enjoy?

  • The Beginners, and not because it was a bad movie. I felt that the entire story could have been told in a 20 minute short. The feature length film just seemed to drag and drag despite all the great acting.

4.    What’s the best advice you’ve gotten?

  • Don’t ever do your craft half-assed or it will come back and bite hard.

5.     If you could make any film, what would it be?

  • Any story, any setting, it’s just got to be starring Michael Keaton!


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