Production Designer

Nancy A. Lai

5 Questions (more fun than reading boring bios, no?)

1.  Who would you love to work with (dead or alive!)?

  • This isn’t film related but I’d love to work with the late architect, Mies Van Der Rohe. Beautiful work and killer philosophy.

2.  What recent film did you last enjoy?

  • I just saw Rango yesterday and it was quite entertaining!

3.  What recent film did you not enjoy?

  • Most recent that I can think of would be Resident Evil: Afterlife (3-D). Haha, I’m just glad I didn’t pay for my ticket.

4.  What’s the best advice you’ve gotten?

  • Work smarter, not harder.

5.  If you could make any film, what would it be?

  • Something mystical/futuristic/scifi…out of this world. I would love to design a film based upon imagination.



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